Although general security services are beneficial to businesses, they are unable to fill security gap in many areas of specialty. General security services won,t be able to adapt to every security requirement of every business in the future world. Future world will be a place for domain-specific services in security. As a provider of security solutions and services, TadbirTrust is ahead of its time and is here to fill the gap for the financial markets. We are the first security consultancy and expert advice provider specifically concentrated on the financial world. We built a trust point by providing complete solutions from our global partners’ services that are combined, complemented, and synergized by TadbirTrust.

SSL for financial world should be at least of Organization Validated (OV) type. TadbirTrust, as TurkTrust SSL distributor, provides world class OV certificates that are valid in all major operating systems (Windows, Linux, and Mac OSX) and widely used browsers (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, and Opera). OV SSL certificate not only validates the target server identity but also validates your company and business to your customers and visitors. Our SSL ensures them that they are in the right place in such a chaotic cyber world
In digital world being sure of real identity of persons or companies and confidentiality, authenticity and integrity of exchanged messages are of a crucial importance. Authentication, confidentiality, integrity and non-repudiation are indispensible services of Public Key Infrastructure (PKI). TadbirTrust knows how to correctly implement and use PKI services in financial solutions. Certification authorities, digital certificates, digital signatures, smart cards and cryptographic hardware are your weapons at your arsenal to tackle with your problem but you have to know how to use them. TadbirTrust is at your side and knows how to use those weapons at your benefit. problem but you have to know how to use them. TadbirTrust is at your side and knows how to use those weapons at your benefit.

Call Center

Today’s contact centers must be equipped to complement customer self-help channels with swift and accurate personalized assistance to earn and maintain customer loyalty. Traditional management of legal compliance and liability in customer interactions has gained a new dimension – the liability of good reputation in the world of social media. To help securities firms stay attuned to the pulse of their customers, Tadbir Pardaz will equip you with powerful Call Center Recording systems that deliver actionable insights and tools for effective Call Center Quality Assurance and real-time monitoring of contact center performance, with tightly integrated processes for targeted, timely improvement.

Tadbir Pardaz Call Center intelligently selects and delivers high-value recordings for evaluation, combining the objectivity of random selection with the tools to focus on the types of interactions that drive your revenue and customer satisfaction goals. Recordings are digitally archived on high available databases and can then be retrieved easily by multiple criteria, including time, date and agent ID. Because of this, Tadbir Pardaz Call Center application for this approach typically satisfies a legal obligation – such as providing proof of a conversation – and is particularly prevalent in the financial services industry. Having said that, this is also used to monitor individual agent performance for quality and training. Some Tadbir Pardaz Call Center Key Features: Key features:

  • Record calls and call history
  • Support Analog and Digital (PRI) phone lines simultaneously
  • Connect with many type of call centers like Panasonic and 3CX
  • Web-based reporting and live call control panel
  • Log every events and recorded calls
  • Route calls intelligently
  • Integrate with Microsoft Dynamic CRM


It is very important to have a significant website for a broker to provide its users with a most valuable and essential information for investment and decision making. In order to provide such a facility for each broker and also minimizing support effort for each request being made by a broker for customizing websites, Tadbir Pardaz aimed to using cms-based technology for implementing brokerage websites. This technology provide you with powerful online tools that will build your business with a web presence that exudes credibility and trust. A Tadbir-made website is search engine optimized, yields powerful visitor data, allows you to edit your own content, and most importantly, represents you well.

Tadbir Pardaz's team has been designing and developing websites since 2005. With specialists in web programming, graphic design, and business and marketing, Tadbir Pardaz is able to offer a complete package that is hard to find anywhere else. Our portfolio speaks for itself.
Our design team devotes considerable time to each custom website. To ensure that your site is optimally and creatively designed, we guarantee that your site will be assigned at least one member of our staff holding a bachelor's degree or higher in Graphic Design. Because we are devoted to the success of each client, Tadbir Pardaz Financial Websites ensures that everyone is treated like a real person, offering support for the life of each website we design. Our websites are developed using the powerful DotNetNuke framework. DotNetNuke allows our sites to be easily maintained, updated, and expanded. Plus, our clients can log in to their sites to easily make adjustments themselves if desired.

Network Infrastructure

The growth of cloud services is forcing any IT service provider to redesign of its networks infra-structure today. To succeed in the cloud, software companies must be able to simultaneously recognize and handle requests from many customers (and their associated end users) at once. In order be able to meet the aggregate demand of all customers, not just the largest, the software has to be able to utilize the elastic capacity offered by cloud infrastructure. Maintaining a level of abstraction from the underlying hardware, and being able to dispatch requests from any user to any part of the network, provides the foundation for such scale-out.

Tadbir Data Center Infrastructure has facilities that are engineered to the highest standards, ensuring your application’s availability and security: The network topology of DC is designed in a way that each network node has its own redundant node which automatically be activated in a failure of the main node. The PEN test for network infrastructure is held periodically to ensure the robustness of topology against attacks. For ensuring the high-availability of the applications in a network infrastructure failure, the maneuvers are held for each application on a regular basis. Some of Tadbir DC facilities:

  • 24x7 monitoring by closed-circuit cameras and onsite guards
  • Physically isolated and accessible only by authorized network administrators
  • Redundant UPS and Generator backups for all systems
  • Water based fire suppression systems

Exchange-Traded Funds

In the summer of 2013, the Iranian capital market witnessed the appearance of a new financial instrument. More than 100 mutual funds were operated in the Iranian capital market suggesting lucrative opportunities to retail investors. But the Iranian capital market was still demanding for more appealing and accessible instruments. Therefore, Tadbir with the cooperation of its customer partner, «Arman Ati Investment Consultancy Firm», and the regulator recognized this need, analyzed various aspects, designed and launched the first ETF in Iran. This ETF was named «Asa ETF» and started trading in Iran Fara Bourse (IFB), one of the Iranian organized exchanges. In the first of October, simultaneously with the fifth anniversary of IFB, the inauguration of the trades of «Asa ETF» was performed by the capital market authorities.

Unlike a mutual fund that has its net-asset value or NAV calculated at the end of each trading day, ETFs, price changes throughout the day, fluctuating with market elements. This is the only financial solution in our market that fulfils several duties such as complying with regulation and accounting standards, updating portfolio combination and valuation, applying corporate actions, clearing and settlement, issuance and/or redemption of units. All these lead to the calculation and disclosure of NAV to the market in a fraction of a minute. This sophisticated solution was the first of its kind which interconnects the exchange, Trading Engine, Market Makers, CSD and fund manager. Standard message formats are used for all information exchanged between the mentioned parties and the disclosure of the ETFs› NAV to the market. The real time NAV is being pushed over HTTP protocol to any types of clients. Tadbir ETF solution works with standard financial exchange message protocols such as XBRL and FIX and has the ability to be adopted in various markets.

portfolio Management

As a well-defined and regulated service, Portfolio Management was introduced in the Iranian capital market by the Securities and the Exchange Organization (SEO) in the late 2005.With the new regulatory framework, portfolio management is issued to regulated financial institutions. Since then, a large number of brokers and other financial firms have managed to get SEO›s Portfolio Management license and as well as providing their services to the investment community in Iran. Recognizing this need, Tadbir sought to analyze various aspects as well as designing and launching the first portfolio management administration solution.

The developed solution has extensive functionalities including client risk assessment and contracting using different schemes, multiple portfolio creation and management, portfolio evaluation, accounting features, and extensive reporting mechanism using Business Intelligence (BI) technologies. Tadbir Portfolio Management solution uses two standard types of evaluation of investment portfolio returns on investment: Money Weighted Rate of Return (MWRR) and Time Weighted Rate of Return (TWRR) performance calculation methodologies. The solution displays the holdings of multiple portfolios in intraday, end of day, and historical time frames. The Business Intelligence layer covers the total solution and supports various reportings needed by stakeholders such as senior managers, portfolio managers and clients. New features for portfolio risk management are being included in the solution.

Mutual Funds

mutual fund was legislated and structurally determined in Iranian capital market by the Securities and Exchange Organization (SEO) of Iran. As the leading solution provider, Tadbir proceeded to analyze, design, and develop a fund administration and management solution. The developed solution received both the approval of SEO and the needed licenses to be used by regulated mutual funds. As the mutual fund industry grew and several fund formations were introduced, Tadbir sought to expand the functionality of its solutions while adapting to changes and complying with the new regulatory framework. Tadbir owes this to the flexibility and adaptability of its design and structure.

Today, Tadbir offers an extensive range of web solutions in various forms including both small and large scales equity, fixed income, multi asset portfolio, and index funds. In the meantime, the firm is proceeding to other types of mutual fund such as project, commodity, charity, and real estate funds. In the summer of 2013, Tadbir managed to design and launch the first ETF named «Asa ETF» in Iran Fara bourse (IFB) which is one of the organized exchanges in Iran. This sophisticated solution was the first of its kind which interconnects the market, trading engine, market makers, CSD, and the fund manager. ETF is the single financial solution in our market that fulfills several duties such as complying with regulation and accounting standards, updating portfolio combination and valuation, applying corporate actions, clearing and settlement, issuance and/or redemption of units. All these lead to the calculation and disclosure of NAV to the market in a fraction of a minute.


The impact of more stringent regulations and progressing technology within the financial services industry has led to a more complex trading ecosystem. Often, firms require more than one platform to go about the business of trading, which leads to increased costs and resources. As an end-to-end solution, Tadbir Total Brokerage Solution is designed to provide a flexible and scalable solution that caters to all of needs of a modern brokerage firm. Consisting of a suite of components for online trading, order routing, execution and market data dissemination (such as quotes, charts, news and research),

Tadbir Total Brokerage Solution is tightly integrated with a versatile and parameterized real time risk and exposure management system that is configured to match the risk appetite of the broker. The solution is capable of capturing orders from the end user directly either through the internet or any other networks or through a dealer or broker. The complete cycle of a trade is handled with this solution. Some Key Features:

  • • Professional front-end (Thick Client)
  • • Retail web based front-end (Thin Client)
  • • Multi-language
  • • Multi-market and asset
  • • Equipped with FIX and other proprietary protocols for connectivity
  • • Comprehensive Order Management System (OMS) with built-in rule engine
  • • Fully featured settlement and back office solution
  • • Optional Accounting module
  • • Fully supported Straight Through Processing (STP)

Tadbir Trader

Tadbir Trader terminal using MetaTrader5 platform integrates live charts, technical analysis, trading facilities and market news. In 2011 in cooperation with MetaQuotes, we connected MetaTrader5 platform to the Iranian Capital Market. Professional traders and analysts use different features of this application such technical analysis and trading facilities in one application. In addition, investors can use algorithmic trading features of MT5 that use MQL5 programming language to realize their trading algorithm and rules with automated trading.

There,s also MetaTrader 5 Mobile Trading which provides the possibility to manage trading account from anywhere in the world. Having a smartphone or tablet, you can keep up with financial information and conduct trade operations in financial markets The rich functionality of the Trading Platform fits in the hand with MetaTrader 5 Mobile Trading.
Some Key features:

  • • Trade multiple asset types: equities, fixed-income, future contracts and ETFs
  • • Real time push of market data including market depth
  • • Interactive real-time charts
  • • More than 100 technical indicators
  • • Creating custom indicators
  • • Expert advisors
  • • Automated trading facility
  • • Historical data in different time frames
  • • Three types of charts: Bars, Candlesticks and Line
  • • Support for push notifications from desktop terminal to mobile application

The speed of today's markets means investors need to have access to their trading tools any time and from anywhere. This makes managing their investments feel like a full time job, especially in an economic climate that is filled with uncertainties. Tadbir Mobile Trader enables the investor community to access their account from mobile phones and tablets on both iOS and Android platforms. They can place well informed orders, enhanced by virtue of our sophisticated push technology, and manage their position with speed and security on their handheld devices.

Our Mobile Trader is completely synchronized with our other client trading applications. The investors can place orders on any front-end application and track and manage them via others. For example, an order can be placed via a mobile device on the go and its status be checked on the web-based or Trader Terminal.
Key features:

  • • Operates on iOS and Android
  • • Real-time data push
  • • Market information such as market data including depth, most active, and daily charts
  • • Customized watch list and portfolio list with detailed summary of trading history
  • • Place, track and modify orders
  • • Operates well even with low bandwidth internet connection
  • • Single application for multiple brokerage firms
  • • Multiple market and asset type trading

Tadbir Market Solution

1st Private Company Developed Matching Engine and Post-Trade Solution In Local Market • Comprehensive and integrated trade and post-trade solution for securities markets • Multiple asset classes: equities, fixed-income, foreign exchange, and derivative contracts • Compatible with international standards and best practices • High capacity and extremely low response time solution • Connectivity with major financial exchanges throughout the globe • Logging all user activities and system transactions

Tadbir Matching Engine (TME):

  • • High capacity and low latency
  • • Price-Time priority matching algorithm and capable of new algorithms (i.e., Price-Volume)
  • • Support industry standard Financial Information eXchange (FIX) protocol for order management interface and market data dissemination
  • • Compatible with Exchange specific and proprietary protocols
  • • Rule based pre-entry order management controller
  • • Flexible scheduling and configuration for different market sessions
  • • Extensive order types: Market, Limit, Stop-Loss, and Stop-Limit Orders; one-cancel-the other and if-done combinations
  • • Multi-currency
  • • Administrative HTML and command line interfaces

Tadbir Post-Trade Solution (TPS):

  • • Compatible with international best practices and IOSCO recommendations
  • • All post-trade activities: trade capture and confirmation, clearing, settlement, depository and custodial services
  • • Post-trade for multiple asset classes: cash and derivative instruments
  • • Delivery versus Payment (DVP) settlement with all Bank for International Settlement (BIS) models
  • • Flexible role definition: investor, customer, trade member or broker, clearing house, clearing house member, paying agent, bank, and issuer
  • • Multi market clearing and capable for cross margining
  • • Multiple working calendars
  • • Flexible commission definition and calculation
  • • Support for all types of corporate actions
  • • Comprehensive report generator

Online Trading

Tadbir is the first and leading company in developing Online Trading Solutions in the Iranian capital market. In 2010, Tadbir as the leading solution provider in financial market technologies, identified the need for electronic trading solutions for both professional and retail investors. After analyzing the traders’ needs, Tadbir with cooperation with the organized exchanges in Iran started designing and developing a web based solution that addressed these needs and also complied with related regulations. Our solution contains Order Management System (OMS) that can work with both proprietary and Financial Information eXchange (FIX) protocols for exchange connectivity. Our OMS as the heart of our solution is in between the front-end applications and the market infrastructure of the exchanges.

A wide range of preorder entry controls are performed on all orders at the OMS before being sent to the exchanges. The retail and professional investors use our sophisticated front-end applications to review the market activities and place their orders in the market in a fraction of a second. For customer buy orders, we can charge from their cash brokerage account or their own bank account at one of the leading commercial banks in Iran. Customers can trade in one of the leading exchanges in Iran including the Tehran Stock Exchanges (TSE), Iran Fara Bourse, the Energy Exchange and the Iranian Mercantile Exchange. Multiple asset types such as equities, fixed income, ETFs›, future on stocks and future on commodities are traded in our online trading solutions. In our solutions we use a sophisticated push technology to push real time market data and any other changes to the client front-end applications. Retail and professional traders would see the updated market data in web based, mobile and our professional trader terminals without any refreshing. In addition to market data, real time portfolio at that brokerage company which contains both central depository portfolio and daily filled and unfilled orders are also pushed to the client. All updates are pushes directly to the client applications in a fraction of a second. Our web based solution is fully integrated with both our mobile trader solution and also the Tadbir Trader terminal (MetaTrader 5). All these front-end applications widen the investors’ options and ability to manage their portfolio and be fully active in multiple markets. Our client applications are complemented with a conditional ordering module for implementing trading strategies and algorithms. For investors that have a pre-defined trading strategy, our Conditional Orders module is used to implement their strategies and be active in the market without direct involvement. They can define multiple conditions that must be met to have pre-defined orders activated and sent to the market. All conditions and pre-defined orders are saved at the server side and we guarantee the placement of orders when all conditions are met.

Tadbir Banking Solution

Tadbir was the first company which introduced capital market solutions for commercial and investment banks. Our aim was to enable banks to offer a wide range of financial products and services in their branches. Our solution has been particularly customized to be used by a bank-teller. In addition to brokerage services, our solution covers variety of other services including wealth management and private banking. Whatever the service, we provide solutions for banks to bring capital market to their business.

The solution was initially developed for a new organized market for «Loan Right Securities system» launched by Maskan Bank and one of the organized exchanges in Iran, Fara Bourse, in 2010. We deployed a comprehensive solution in 1200 branches of Maskan Bank to enable them to provide all brokerage activities and the trade of the mentioned security. Our Solution also has an «Advanced Direct Payment System» which let the investors to have direct access to their personal bank account when trading online. Thus, there is no need to charge brokers› account before placing a buy order. At the time we receive a buy order, we directly access their bank account in one of the leading banks and block the money for the order. The money is transferred to the brokerage account only at trade execution. The solution was developed as a multi-brokerage, multi asset and multi-market application. We're also looking forward to introduce it as a Financial Supermarket and certainly offer convenience and efficiency to banks, customers.
Some Key Features:

  • • Underwriting securities which has secondary market in one of the exchanges
  • • Multiple asset types including equities and fixed income securities (Sukuk, Mosharekat and CDs)
  • • Issuance and redemption of mutual funds
  • • CSD Registration
  • • Online or offline account registration
  • • Call center services registration
  • • Customer admission and contracting