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 As a well-defined and regulated service, Portfolio Management was introduced in the Iranian capital market by the Securities and the Exchange Organization (SEO) in the late 2005.With the new regulatory framework, portfolio management is issued to regulated financial institutions. Since then, a large number of brokers and other financial firms have managed to get SEO›s Portfolio Management license and as well as providing their services to the investment community in Iran. Recognizing this need, Tadbir sought to analyze various aspects as well as designing and launching the first portfolio management administration solution. The developed solution has extensive functionalities including client risk assessment and contracting using different schemes, multiple portfolio creation and management, portfolio evaluation, accounting features, and extensive reporting mechanism using Business Intelligence (BI) technologies.

Tadbir Portfolio Management solution uses two standard types of evaluation of investment portfolio returns on investment:
Money Weighted Rate of Return (MWRR) and Time Weighted Rate of Return (TWRR) performance calculation methodologies. The solution displays the holdings of multiple portfolios in intraday, end of day, and historical time frames. The Business Intelligence layer covers the total solution and supports various reportings needed by stakeholders such as senior managers, portfolio managers and clients. New features for portfolio risk management are being included in the solution.