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    Along With Tadbir Pardaz CO.

    10-13 July,2016
  • Not Just an IT Company

    Tadbir Pardaz is a local leader in consulting, technology and next-generation services. Tadbir Pardaz is not just an IT company. Tadbir Pardaz first goal is to help its client to give their end-users better services. This goal is not achieved unless with exact planning of development cycles, periodic educational program for human resources and making a strong relationship with the clients.
  • Thinking Big Data and More...

    The next big challenge for capital markets will be the velocity of data considering the frequency of data generation and delivery in financial services industries and the need to be still analyzed in near-real time. Brokerage firms are always searching for new data to provide insights in the search for investment alpha and competitive differentiation. Tadbir Pardaz big data analysis key features:
    • Improve insights and statistical confidence
    • Analyzing huge amount of data that can’t be analyzed by traditional relational database systems
    • Higher-speed / higher-volume analytics and visualizations to explain and explore
    Currently Tadbir uses business intelligence tools to analyze securities brokerage back-office data including customer information, trade and order information, brokerage branches information and many other factors to provide back-office administrators with a better middle-office reporting platform
  • Introducing Innovative Solutions

    Tadbir plays very important role in developing of Iran capital market. As all of us know, capital market only expands if the necessary IT infrastructure was ready before. Many of the developments in these years are made because the necessary underlying IT had been provided by Tadbir before.
    • First Online-Trading platform in 2010
    • First Exchange-Tradable Fund (ETF) in 2013
    • First integrated platform for connecting capital market and money market in 2012
    • First portfolio management software in 2011
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